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Free funky house music download

The MP3 single ‘Anything goes’ is on the free album Event.
MP3 genre: Funky house | MP3 length: 7:04

Free funky house music download

The second track on the unofficial album ‘Event’ was called ‘Anything goes’. The album was released back in 1999 and it is now available as a free album download (for personal enjoyment only*). I use the term ‘unofficial’ because I didn’t professionally produce or distribute the album.

It’s up-tempo funky house music with a retro breakbeat vibe that’s difficult not to tap a foot to. It features a very catchy guitar riff, pounding bass line, trumpet stabs, vocoded vocals and the inevitable record scratching that featured in so much of my early work.

I often wanted to write music that sounded like Fatboy Slim’s tracks, but I couldn’t afford the rights to sample old published works. This track was therefore my first attempt at making new funky house music that sounded like it used old samples. I went on to use this technique again with the album ‘Too ‘king funky‘. It was published in 2010, but many of the tracks sound much older (deliberately so).

‘Anything goes’ was also the first track that got me some serious attention. A few work mates heard it and it suddenly became apparent how much everyone liked it. I had requests from DJ’s to release it on vinyl so they could be the first to use it their sets. It was uploaded to the BT music download charts where it went to, and remained at, number one for a month.

This funky house music, now available as a free album download, was written and produced on fairly rudimentary music software. The quality therefore isn’t up to the standards of my new albums, but hell, it’s a free music download, you can’t complain!

*© Copyright Scambler. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that this free funky house music download is offered purely for personal listening only. Any form of promotional or commercial use of this free funky house music download is strictly prohibited without obtaining a license, and unauthorised uploading, sharing, broadcasting, public performance, copying, rerecording, remixing, reuse, redistribution or resale will constitute an infringement of copyright.

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