A world unknown - preview album now!
Radio Misophonia - preview album now!
A world unknown - preview album now!
Radio Misophonia - preview album now!

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As an independent composer and music producer, Scambler has published seven multi-genre albums that are available to download for personal use or license for adverts, TV & film.

A world unknown - cheap album download

A world unknown, 2018

Addictive pop music and powerful electronic dance music

Radio Misophonia - cheap album download

Radio Misophonia, 2018

A unique mix of hard hitting rap, nu metal, rocktronica and dubstep 

Scambler discography

Preview all seven Scambler albums in the download store; as ScamblerMusic.com is the official Scambler website it’s the cheapest place to buy them!

Bring it like fire - cheap album download
Old skool, Nu klass - cheap album download
For father, For son - cheap album download
Too 'king funky - cheap album download
For every action - cheap album download

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Ode to Dom played on Radio X!

Ode to Dom played on Radio X! "Get it on the Capital playlist" it's an "international pop banger" I still can't quite get my head around this. Ode to Dom played on Radio X! A while back I wrote a song called "Fly with you" which is on my new pop and EDM...

The making of Ode to Dom

Ever wondered how Ode to Dom was created? Want to make and promote a unique homage to the Chris Moyles show yourself? Interested in hand-crafting a humorous animation with your very own bespoke soundtrack? Well here's your essential 20 point lifehack that will only...

Ode to Dom (featuring Danny) CENSORED

Dominic Byrne – News reader. Fashionista. Presenter. Father. Potty mouth? Yes people, look past the youthful good looks, radiant dynamism and dripping sex appeal of the indomitable Dominic Byrne, and you’ll discover a vulgar curse-monger whose vocabulary could make a...

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