A world unknown - preview album now!
Radio Misophonia - preview album now!
A world unknown - preview album now!
Radio Misophonia - preview album now!

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As an independent composer and music producer, Scambler has published seven multi-genre albums that are available to download for personal use or license for adverts, TV & film.

A world unknown - cheap album download

A world unknown, 2018

Addictive pop music and powerful electronic dance music

Radio Misophonia - cheap album download

Radio Misophonia, 2018

A unique mix of hard hitting rap, nu metal, rocktronica and dubstep 

Scambler discography

Preview all seven Scambler albums in the download store; as ScamblerMusic.com is the official Scambler website it’s the cheapest place to buy them!

Bring it like fire - cheap album download
Old skool, Nu klass - cheap album download
For father, For son - cheap album download
Too 'king funky - cheap album download
For every action - cheap album download

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Music news, updates, comedy, free downloads and other weird stuff from the mind of Scambler.

Ode to Dom (featuring Danny) CENSORED

Dominic Byrne – News reader. Fashionista. Presenter. Father. Potty mouth? Yes people, look past the youthful good looks, radiant dynamism and dripping sex appeal of the indomitable Dominic Byrne, and you’ll discover a vulgar curse-monger whose vocabulary could make a...

Ode to Dom (featuring Danny) CLEAN

Using tremendous skill and a computer (mainly a computer) I delicately selected choice audio morsels of newsreader Dominic Byrne (from the Chris Moyles Radio X show), recorded the beguiling vocals of a lovely young lady called "Danny", and mixed them into a song that...

The making of Ode to Dom

Ever wondered how Ode to Dom was created? Want to make and promote a unique homage to the Chris Moyles show yourself? Interested in hand-crafting a humorous animation with your very own bespoke soundtrack? Well here's your essential 20 point lifehack that will only...

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