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A world unknown - cheap album download

A world unknown, 2018

Addictive pop music and powerful electronic dance music

Radio Misophonia - cheap album download

Radio Misophonia, 2018

A unique mix of hard hitting rap, nu metal, rocktronica and dubstep 


Bring it like fire - cheap album download

Bring it like fire, 2014

Brooding and intense rocktronica, dubstep, rap and nu metal
£6.99 £5.99

Old skool, Nu klass - cheap album download

Old skool, Nu klass, 2014

Rap, old school funky breakbeat and retro style dance music
£6.99 £5.99

For father, For son - cheap album download

For father, For son, 2014

Moving, emotive piano and uplifting orchestral music
£6.99 £5.99


Too 'king funky - cheap album download

Too 'king funky, 2010

Catchy old school rap music, funky breakbeat and powerful rocktronica
£6.99 £4.99

For every action - cheap album download

For every action, 2010

Melodic acoustic guitar, moving piano and uplifting folk rock music
£6.99 £4.99


Too 'king funky - cheap album download

Event, 1999

The first album; an old mix of chillout, progressive house and trance music

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