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Free ambient music download

The MP3 single ‘From sun’ is on the free album Event.
MP3 genre: Ambient | MP3 length: 7:52

Free ambient music download

‘From sun’ was the sixth of eight tracks on the first unofficial album released in 1999. The album, called ‘Event’ is now available as a free album download (for personal enjoyment only*). I use the term ‘unofficial’ because I didn’t professionally produce or distribute the album.

Those of whom have ears and can hear may immediately notice a difference in style and quality when compared to other tracks on ‘Event‘. The reason is that ‘From sun’ was the only album track that wasn’t written and produced on a PC. It was actually written on an Amiga purchased in 1990. Upgraded to make use of 1MB in memory, 32 sound channels, a sampler and a serial midi port connected to a Korg sound module, my compositions had improved significantly since my first effort.

Although the slow, rhythmic, pounding drums aren’t of the best quality, I did harness some of the more realistic sounding instruments available on the Korg. What resulted was atmospheric ambient music with a tribal feel, featuring soft pads, strumming mandolins and flutes. There are vague similarities between ‘From sun’ and some of the tracks on  Leftfield’s ‘Leftism’, but I wrote the song years before hearing that album.

This ambient music, now available as a free album download, was written and produced on very rudimentary music software. The quality therefore isn’t up to the standards of my new albums, but hell, it’s a free music download, you can’t complain!

*© Copyright Scambler. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that this free ambient music download is offered purely for personal listening only. Any form of promotional or commercial use of this free ambient music download is strictly prohibited without obtaining a license, and unauthorised uploading, sharing, broadcasting, public performance, copying, rerecording, remixing, reuse, redistribution or resale will constitute an infringement of copyright.

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