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Why as the question “should I stream Scambler on Spotify?”

“Whoop, Whoop”, that’s the sound of me sarcastically saying “Whoop” into my cavernously empty, echo producing wallet, as I ponder the wisdom of running this independent “music business” at a loss.

Getting back to the point, why would I ask if you should stream Scambler music on Spotify, instead of downloading singles or albums? Simple. If you stream Scambler on Spotify the reward is between £0.0002 and £0.005 per play. Please note there isn’t a typo in that last sentence. It’s not 2p to 5p per play, it’s £0.0002 to £0.005. And because isn’t a multimillion pound business there’s no sweetheart deal with HMRC. As a result, 20% of that 2/100ths of a penny has to be set aside for the taxman. What’s left goes into production, management and marketing costs, wiping out the chance to earn anything, let alone reinvest a profit.

Should I download albums instead?

Can you understand why, as an independent artist and promoter, I would challenge whether you should stream Scambler on Spotify, rather than buying downloads? Spotify completely undermines the ability of little known musicians to make even a meagre living from their creative passion.

Can I please therefore ask that if you like the music on this site you buy one of the albums? Stream it on Spotify first if you wish, but please come back and buy an album. Hell, even downloading just a couple of singles from iTunes, Amazon MP3Google Play or CDBaby will earn more more than thousands of streams on Spotify! Yes, it’s that absurd. Just buying two singles at £0.99 each generates more income than 2000 streams on Spotify!

What? Money off and a special offer!

As a self funded, self promoting independent artist, I have tried to make this website the cheapest place to buy Scambler albums anywhere online. Most of the album prices are £1 cheaper than on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play. At the time of writing there’s £1 off albums published in 2014. There’s £2 off albums released back in 2010. There’s also a special offer. “Shut the front door!” No I won’t; everyone can come in and buy one album and get any second album half price.

If you’re wise, place an older album in the basket first (one that has £2 off) then add a new album into the basket (getting the 50% discount on the more expensive album). If you do that you get a new album for £3.50 and the two albums for just £8.49 in total. That’s a saving of £5.49, or £7.49 in comparison to prices on other download stores!

It’s decision time kids

It’s up to you now. Stream Scambler on Spotify for free and undermine the sustainability of new independent music, or download an album and keep this rich vein of musical creativity throbbing. Download or stream? Support or shaft? (I think that’s a saying):

Stream "A world unknown" by Scambler on Spotify

A world unknown

Genre: Electro pop, dance music
Number of tracks: 10 | Run time: 38 minutes | Published: 2018

Stream "Radio Misophonia" by Scambler on Spotify

Radio Misophonia

Genre: Rap, nu metal, rocktronica and dubstep
Number of tracks: 20 | Run time: 52 minutes | Published: 2018

Stream "Bring it like fire" by Scambler on Spotify

Bring it like fire

Genre: Rocktronica, dubstep, rap and nu metal
Number of tracks: 14 | Run time: 63 minutes | Published: 2014

Stream "Old skool, nu klass" by Scambler on Spotify

Old skool, Nu klass

Genre: Rap, breakbeat, dance
Number of tracks: 12 | Run time: 51 minutes | Published: 2014

Stream "For father, For son" by Scambler on Spotify

For father, For son

Genre: Piano, orchestral, contemporary classical
Number of tracks: 12 | Run time: 50 minutes | Published: 2014

Stream "Too 'king funky" by Scambler on Spotify

Too ‘king funky

Genre: Rap, breakbeat, rocktronica
Number of tracks: 12 | Run time: 50 minutes | Published: 2010

Stream "For every action" by Scambler on Spotify

For every action

Genre: Acoustic, folk rock, soft rock
Number of tracks: 11 | Run time: 45minutes | Published: 2010

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