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Campbell Canada recently published a rather moving video (watch below) about a very special product that they have been developing for several years.

I was delighted to discover that the ‘Nourish’ video features two tracks from the album For every action – ‘On Black Meldon’ and also ‘The Last Sunset’.

Music from the Campbell’s ‘Nourish’ YouTube video 

The MP3 single ‘On Black Meldon’ is on the folk rock album For every action.

Download 'For every action'

From the start of the ‘Nourish‘ video through to 1 minute 45 seconds the sound track features ‘On Black Meldon’ and then ‘The Last Sunset’, two tracks which can be licensed via this website.

Both tracks are rather emotional poignant pieces, and they have been utilised to excellent effect in this promotional story:

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