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"Old skool, Nu klass" by Scambler - OUT NOW!

A new dubstep dance album with retro old skool vibe featuring breakbeats, dance, dubstep and electronica

Old skool, Nu klass - A new dubstep dance album with retro old skool vibe featuring breakbeats, dance, dubstep and electronica
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1. Brassfunked

Powerful cross-genre rap song featuring slow dubstep drums, rock guitar riffs, synths, catchy brass ensemble and rapping

2. How we lookin'

Pounding breakbeat rocktronica with aggressive rapping, distorted guitars, dirty synths and powerful bass lines

3. Lighting fires

Uplifting fast-paced dubstep track with building synths, orchestra, addictive dance sections and female vocals

4. White hot

Upbeat retro sounding dance song featuring old school piano, extensive guitar solos, catchy synths and vocals

5. Summer 85

Melodic and catchy 80's inspired electro rap song with addictive piano loops, electronic drums and keyboard trickery

6. Blindside

Positive catchy breakbeat song with wicked guitar riffs, pounding drums, retro synths and punchy rap vocals

7. Keepin' it simple

Positive melodious dance song with electric guitar, piano, throbbing bass lines, orchestral elements and glitched vocals

8. One two many

Funky addictive dance track with catchy piano chords, addictive guitar riffs, rapping and distorted vocals

9. Fly to the sound

Musical dubstep track mixing melodic piano, orchestral elements, pounding beats, guitars and rapping

10. Run the streets

Powerful uplifting jungle track with emotive piano, orchestra, wobble bass and retro keyboards

11. Show you

Positive upbeat dance song with addictive melodic vocals, guitar, organ and dupstep sections

12. Hands up

Raucous thumping downbeat dubstep track featuring rock guitars, synths, catchy vocals and rapping

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"Old skool, Nu klass" - dance album review

Scambler's Old skool, Nu klass is a mash up of musical genres and styles. Featuring old school break beats and rapping with modern dubstep drums and bass lines, the album seamlessly mixes old and new with a fresh electronic vibe. Songs range from dark powerful rap tracks to uplifting, melodic electronica and upbeat dance and jungle.

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