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Ode to Dom featuring Danny, by Scambler

Featuring Dominic Byrne from the Chris Moyles Radio X Show and a lovely lady called Danny

Enjoy it with your very own ears right here kids, you can stream 'Ode to Dom featuring Danny' to your heart's content. Why not grow an eighties goatee and shave your head too? Hail Dominic Byrne.

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Ode to Dom featuring Danny, a synopsis

Ode to Dom featuring DannyWhat's all this nonsense about? 'Ode to Dom featuring Danny' incorporates carefully hand selected audio clips of Dominic Byrne (from the Chris Moyles Radio X show), and combines them with the beguiling vocals of a lovely young lady called Danny.

A certain "Danny" has featured on the Chris Moyles Radio X show several times. She's a, erm, "actress" on Babestation, which is widely known to be Dom's favourite TV channel (and probably website too).

Using tremendous skill and a computer (mainly a computer) I delicately selected choice audio morsels of newsreader Dominic Byrne and placed them into a song I wrote called 'Fly with you', which is from the new album 'A world unknown'.

A slightly shorter, and some would say "funnier" version, 'Fly with you' became the song 'Ode to Dom featuring Danny'. You can hear 'Ode to Dom featuring Danny' by pressing the play button above; I heartily recommend it. I believe it may have what is referred to as "the shiz factor".

What is 'Ode to Dom featuring Danny' about?

Essentially a love song, this sentimental ballad lays bare the foibles, wants and passions of the enigmatic slap head newsreader, Dominic Byrne. What does Dom love? Does Danny love Dom? Add corn flour and the plot thickens. Is the Danny in the song the very same Danny from Babestation? For legal reasons no. Are eighties goatees making a comeback. Hell no. Have I run out of things to say at his point? Most definitely.

Enjoy it if you can, yes thankyou and please.

Oh, and check out my other albums while you are here. If you're a Radio X listener you might like some of the crap on 'Radio Misophonia', 'Bring it like fire' and maybe 'For every action'.

Why is 'Ode to Dom featuring Danny' repeated throughout this text?

That's search engine optimisation kids.

Dirty Dom!

The censored version of Ode to Dom featuring Danny

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