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Ode to Dom (featuring Danny) CENSORED

World exclusive: the shocking new video

Dominic Byrne – News reader. Fashionista. Presenter. Father. Potty mouth?

Yes people, look past the youthful good looks, radiant dynamism and dripping sex appeal of the indomitable Dominic Byrne, and you’ll discover a vulgar curse-monger whose vocabulary could make a hooker wince.

What many people don’t realise, is that the first version of the animated musical Ode to Dom was heavily edited. I had to carefully sift through hours of Dom speaking to try to find useable statements that weren’t seeped in profanity. I had to tirelessly edit out words like “P#!*”, “F*!$!#” and “S?#@!$*£” and replace them with the likes of “ankles”, “fax” and “sitting”. Although the speech was  massively doctored, very few people realised just how dirty the original version was.

However, I’m an honest man and I couldn’t live with the lie. I simply had to release the uncensored version for all to hear.

You’ve heard the heavily edited first version of Ode to Dom, now it’s time to hear the unedited version. But there’s a problem. So filth-laden were the vocal ejaculations of Dominic Byrne that my hosting company refused to publish the content! They insisted that I censor Dom’s ghastly profanity before I upload the video to their servers.

What you will now bear witness to, if you dare, is the original unedited Ode to Dom. It’s identical to the clean version, with the exception that each curse word has been prudently bleeped out. Whilst you can’t hear the shameful swearing that is emitted by this foulmouthed news reader, it is impossible to listen to this version of the song without hearing the crude obscenity inherent in his vocalisations.

You have been warned. Viewing is not for the faint-hearted, the young, those of a nervous disposition, nuns or the Pope. God save our souls.

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 Ode to Dom (featuring Danny) CENSORED

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