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Music from "Ultimate Mars Challenge" on Nova (PBS)

Preview and download the music from the TV documentary "Ultimate Mars Challenge" on Nova (PBS)

The "Ultimate Mars Challenge" TV documentary shown on Nova (PBS) features an acoustic guitar song called "Child" from Scambler's album "For every action". Originally aired on November 14, 2012 at 9 pm on PBS, the "Ultimate Mars Challenge" TV documentary details the amazing journey to Mars by the Curiosity rover and provides an insight into how the craft landed, how it operates on an alien world and the range of experiments it will carry out. The song entitled "Child" by Scambler was chosen as background music to the "Ultimate Mars Challenge" and it features on the album "For every action". All songs from "For every action" are available to preview below and can be downloaded from iTunes, napster, amazonMP3 and more.

For every action - A delightfully melodic combination of acoustic guitar and piano, soft rock and uplifting folk
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Child - 4:00
As featured in "Ultimate Mars Challenge" on Nova

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