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How to licence music

How do I obtain music for my creative production?

We like to try and keep things as simple and straight forward as possible, so we've shortened the licensing process down to a three step process:

  1. Listen to the various songs available within the different genres of the production music library (detailed below) and make a note of the one(s) you like (and bear in mind songs with vocals or background ambience are all available as instrumentals):
    Piano, orchestral, electronic & rock film scores Dance, dubstep & jungle
    Acoustic guitar, folk & soft rock Rap, hip hop & breakbeat
    Hard rock, orchestral rock, progressive & punk Pop, easy listening & chillout
    Big beat & rocktronica Jazz & lounge
  2. Browse through the music licensing rates and have a quick think about which category, type, duration and territory fits your requirements (and if you're not sure what's right for you don't worry, we can help you out).
  3. Get in touch and we will quickly arrange the most appropriate synchronization licence for you, advise on payment details and prepare your music file(s) for immediate use (and with prompt payment the whole process normally takes no longer than 48 hours).

What is a synchronization licence and why do I need one?

If you would like to use a song written by Scambler you need to obtain a synchronization licence. A music synchronization licence (or sync license) is a music licence that allows the licence holder (such as an individual, business, TV producer or games engineer) to "sync" music to some kind of media output either online or offline. Sync licenses are commonly used in the film, TV, radio, web, advertising and games industry, but any kind of visual paired with professional music requires a sync license.

A sync licence gives the licence holder the right to use a song from this website and sync it with a visual; such as a website video, corporate promotion, radio advert, film or mobile phone app. Paying for a sync licence covering usage of a song by Scambler basically means you (the licence holder) are allowed to re-record that song within your creative project. If you don't obtain a sync licence then you can't use the music, it's that simple.

The sync licence covers a specific period of time, and the licence will stipulate how and where the song can be used. There is one flat fee involved in obtaining a sync licence (as per the music licensing rates) and once the licence is in place, the song can be used as stipulated as many times within the licence period as the licence holder likes. However, if the duration, territory or media type should change a new sync licence will need to be paid for (for example, if you licence a song for a corporate promotion in one country for one year and decide to use it for two years, another sync licence will be required to cover the extended duration (and if the territory changed you'd need a new licence to cover the new territory). Likewise, if you licence a song for a corporate promotion then decide to use the same song within a TV advert for the same company, a new sync licence will be required specifically to cover the TV advert).

To arrange a sync licence for a song from this website please consider the licensing options available then get in touch to start the process off.

Commercial licensing

To arrange a licence please free phone +44 (0)1361 884 145 (9am - 5pm GMT, Monday - Friday). Alternatively you ca check licensing rates or preview songs from any of these production libraries:


Bring it like fire Old skool, Nu klass

Download Bring it like fire, Old skool, Nu klass, For Father, For Son, Too 'king funky and For every action now.


Companies that have recently licensed songs by Scamber

Companies that have recently licensed songs by Scamber

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