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Free progressive house music download

The MP3 single ‘Falls without voice’ is on the free album Event.
MP3 genre: Progressive house | MP3 length: 7:44

Free progressive house music download

‘Falls without voice’ was the fourth track on the first unofficial album that I released called ‘Event’ back in 1999, and it is now available as a free album download (for personal enjoyment only*). I use the term ‘unofficial’ because I didn’t professionally produce or distribute the album.

For me it’s the standout track on the album. Inspired by two debut studio albums, BT’s ‘Ima’, (in particular ‘Sasha’s Voyage of Ima’) and Leftfield’s ‘Leftism’, ‘Falls without voice’ is building progressive house music that takes the listener on a meandering journey that lasts nearly eight minutes.

Starting with the sounds of a rain forest and distant thunder storm, the track gradually builds with tribal drums, understated pads and synth strings. A hard-hitting trance bass line cuts in and the composition continues to build with choral voices and layers of synths. Towards the end the synths die down to moody pads, before building again to a crescendo of acoustic guitars layered over a pounding bass line (a sound very much influenced by Jam & Spoon).

This progressive house music, now available as a free album download, was written and produced on fairly rudimentary music software. The quality therefore isn’t up to the standards of my new albums, but hell, it’s a free music download, you can’t complain!

*© Copyright Scambler. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that this free progressive house music download is offered purely for personal listening only. Any form of promotional or commercial use of this free progressive house music download is strictly prohibited without obtaining a license, and unauthorised uploading, sharing, broadcasting, public performance, copying, rerecording, remixing, reuse, redistribution or resale will constitute an infringement of copyright.

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