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Free industrial rock music download

The MP3 single ‘White noise’ is on the free album Event.
MP3 genre: Industrial rock | MP3 length: 4:32

Free industrial rock music download

‘White noise’ was the last track on the first unofficial album that I released called ‘Event’ way back in 1999, and the whole album is now available as a free album download (for personal enjoyment only*). I use the term ‘unofficial’ because I didn’t professionally produce or distribute the album.

This industrial rock music is dark and brooding. Starting with acoustic guitars, a whispered voice and gentle drums, it soon builds to a powerful, distorted, raucous crescendo in which clips of other tracks from the album briefly feature.

‘White noise’ is grinding industrial rock music that was inspired by Nine Inch Nails. If you listen to ‘Radio Misophonia‘ and ‘Bring it like fire‘ you can hear how this style of writing evolved (and improved).

This industrial rock music, now available as a free album download, was written and produced on fairly rudimentary music software. The quality therefore isn’t up to the standards of my new albums, but hell, it’s a free music download, you can’t complain!

*© Copyright Scambler. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that this free industrial rock music download is offered purely for personal listening only. Any form of promotional or commercial use of this free industrial rock music download is strictly prohibited without obtaining a license, and unauthorised uploading, sharing, broadcasting, public performance, copying, rerecording, remixing, reuse, redistribution or resale will constitute an infringement of copyright.

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