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Free chillout music download

The MP3 single ‘Box full of stones’ is on the free album Event.
MP3 genre: Chillout | MP3 length: 5:02

Free chillout music download

The fifth track on the first unofficial album that I released called ‘Event’ was ‘Box full of stones’. Originally released 1999 it is now available as a free album download (for personal enjoyment only*). I use the term ‘unofficial’ because I didn’t professionally produce or distribute the album.

In the late nineties there was a lot of chillout music around. Numerous chillout mix CDs were available with themes that ranged from Ibiza to Buda and everything in between. Chillout music was invariably played in shops, lifts, at the dentist, and on numerous adverts on radio and TV. I guess it’s not hard to fathom how I was unintentionally inspired by it.

‘Box full of stones’ is slow, laid back, relaxing chillout music. It features soft female vocals, a phasered piano, flutes and strings. There are also quite a few similarities between this track and the songs I later wrote for the album ‘For every action‘.

This chillout music, now available as a free album download, was written and produced on fairly rudimentary music software. The quality therefore isn’t up to the standards of my new albums, but hell, it’s a free music download, you can’t complain!

*© Copyright Scambler. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that this free chillout music download is offered purely for personal listening only. Any form of promotional or commercial use of this free chillout music download is strictly prohibited without obtaining a license, and unauthorised uploading, sharing, broadcasting, public performance, copying, rerecording, remixing, reuse, redistribution or resale will constitute an infringement of copyright.

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