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"For Father, For Son" by Scambler - 2014

A poignant, emotional, uplifting and moving piano album with a full orchesta and choir

"For Father, For Son" - A poignant, emotional, uplifting and moving piano album with a full orchesta and choir
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2018 - Available August 18
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For Father, For Son track listings

Stolen from a dream

Positive uplifting piano score with beautiful strings and choir

For Father, For Son

Poignant, uplifting and hugely powerful orchestral score

The last sunset

Emotional, moving piano score with sombre strings and choir

Whispers in the mist

Up tempo orchestral score with a dark building undertone

Beyond the fields

Moving piano track with moody and positive sections

Waves and white horses

Lovely uplifting piano piece with melodious strings and choir

Into the Breamish

Slow, sombre building orchestral piece with moving strings and choir

In the shadow of Cheviot

Tense, dramatic, building orchestral score with powerful percussion and strings

Leaving Dunstanburgh

Slow, lilting, and highly emotional piano score with beautiful strings, brass and choir

Kings of the Merse

Up tempo and uplifting orchestral score with strings, choir, percussion and military drums


Truly delightful orchestral piece with a highly catchy and melodious piano

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"For Father, For Son" - piano album review

For Father, For Son features beautifully melodic piano, perfectly arranged strings, delicate brass and harmonious choir. The album is a highly emotive, moving and poignant mix of piano and orchestral scores. With a mix of uplifting piano tracks and sombre orchestral pieces, For Father, For Son is a highly charged and emotional album which takes the listener to through powerful highs and lows.

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