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"Bring it like fire" by Scambler - 2014

A dark, powerful dubstep rocktronica album featuring guitars, distorted synths and a full orchestra

Bring it like fire - A dark, powerful dubstep rocktronica album featuring thrash guitars, distorted synths and full orchestra
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2018 - Available August 18
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2014 - Download now
Bring it like fire   Old skool, Nu klass   For Father, For Son
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Bring it like fire track listings

1. All for nothing [Intro]

Brooding rock song building from simple piano to a powerful crescendo with guitars, synths, strings and vocals by None Like Joshua

2. Section 8

Dark bigbeat rocktronica song with hard hitting rap, addictive guitar riffs, throbbing bass and pounding drum beats

3. Breaking the rules

Massive dubstep rocktronica mash-up with powerful guitars, epicly distorted wobble bass lines, crisp synths and hard hitting rapping

4. On the run

Frenetic and fast-paced dubstep dance song with hypnotic synths, brutal bass lines, rock guitars and catchy female vocals

5. Hellfire

Breakbeat hip hop track with old school drums, distorted guitars, speaker-shredding bass lines and Middle Eastern influences

6. The 51st order

Big, powerful thrash metal track with stunning drumming, wicked guitar riffs, strings and vocals by None Like Joshua

7. Wake up

Slow, powerful rap track with a head-nodding drumbeat, twisted thrash guitars, distorted bass lines and string ensemble

8. Fight or flight

Powerful orchestral track building to a dark, moody crescendo of strings, choir, synths and electronic effects

9. Before the storm

Downbeat French house track with a hypnotic drum beat, moody synths, trance-like effects and melancholy strings

10. Bring it like fire

Slow pounding dubstep song with massive beats, wickedly distorted wobble bass, guitars, strings and vocals by None Like Joshua

11. The rising

Dark grinding dubstep rocktronica track with moody guitar riffs, wobble bass lines, distorted synths and powerful rapping

12. Stick to your guns

Fast-paced dubstep song with rock guitars, wobble bass, powerful drums, catchy synths and vocals by Cory Friesenhan

13. Beginning of the end

Rhythmic building rocktronic dubstep instrumental building to a crescendo of drums, wobble bass, synths, guitar solos, strings and choir

14. The silences [Outro]

Dark, moody and brooding rock track with a howling guitar solo, orchestra, choir and vocals by None Like Joshua

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"Bring it like fire" - dubstep album review

Inspired by The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Nero and Chase & Status, Scambler's Bring it like fire is an epic mash up of pounding dupstep style drums, destructuve bass lines, distorted rocktronic synths and thrash guitar riffs, mixed with clean electronic elements, strings and choir.

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