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License rocktronica music

Licence big beat & rocktronica production music

The following unique and independent rocktronica production music can be licensed directly through and features big beat & rocktronica genres. Rates for licensing vary depending on usage, and a synchronization licence can be arranged to cover any requirements. To arrange a rocktronica music licence please get in touch with your requirements.

Other genres

All music genres:

Instrumentals available

Instrumentals available

All songs with lyrics and ambient background noise are available as instrumentals.

Clean edits available

Clean edits available

All songs with explicit lyrics are available with clean/edited lyrics.

Seamless loops available

Seamless loops available

For licensing purposes any section of any song can be edited into a seamless repeating loop.

Sample files available

Sample files available

Prior to licensing, low quality sample files can be downloaded for trial use within a creative project.

Exclusive v. non-exclusive

Exclusive songs

Songs highlighted as "Exclusive" are only available to license directly from

Section 8

New and exclusive | Big beat rocktronica | 5:04 | 90bpm

Brooding bigbeat rocktronica song with hard hitting rap, pounding beat, guitars and orchestra

The rising

New and exclusive | Dubstep rocktronica | 3:49 | 70bpm

Dark pounding rocktronica track with dubstep drums and bassline, distorted guitars and snyths

Wake up

New and exclusive | Rap/Rocktronica | 4:09 | 85bpm

Slow, powerful, pounding rap track with thrash guitars, distorted wobble bass, orchestra and choir

Hands up

Exclusive | Dubstep rocktronica | 4:16 | 67.5bpm

Raucous thumping dubstep rocktronica track featuring rock guitars, synths and catchy vocals


New and exclusive | Breakbeat/Big beat | 4:18 | 80bpm

Dark industrial breakbeat rap song with a strong Arabian vibe, distorted guitars and synths

How we lookin'

Exclusive | Rap/Rocktronica | 4:43 | 100bpm

Pounding electronic rock song with aggressive rapping, distorted guitars and dirty synths

Enter Northgate

New and exclusive | Electronic/Rock dubstep | 6:38 | 65bpm

Powerful, dynamic, building electro-rock dubstep track with full orchestral backing

Bring it like fire

New and exclusive | Dubstep/Rocktronica | 5:05 | 70bpm

Slow electronic dubstep track with distorted synths, wobble bass and pounding rhythmic drumbeat

Fly to the sound

New and exclusive | Dubstep/Rocktronica | 4:22 | 100bpm

Musical dubstep track mixing melodic piano, orchestral elements and pounding beats and guitars

Snake oil [Explicit]

Big beat/Rocktronica | 4:31 | 115bpm

Edgy big beat rocktronica song featuring guitars, orchestra and distorted keyboards

Release me

Rocktronica | 4:18 | 118bpm

Powerful big beat rocktronica song featuring guitars, piano and distorted keyboards

The faker

Rocktronica | 5:14 | 120bpm

Building big beat rocktronica song with guitars, piano and orchestra

License rocktronica music - production notes

Licensed rocktronica songs are CD quality with full stereo and can be provided in any of the following digital formats: ATRAC Audio (.aa3), Audio Interchange Format (.aif), Dolby Digital (.ac3), Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) and Sony Perfect Clarity (.pca) as well as more common formats such as .wav, .mpg, .mp3, .mov, .rm, .avi and .wma.

New and exclusive rocktronica music

Rocktronica songs written and produced by Scambler are placed in many music libraries around the world, but they are always placed within this production library first. For a limited time songs marked "new and exclusive" will only be available for licence directly through and subsequently offer tremendous originality for your project. Rocktronica music marked as "exclusive" is not available from any production music library other than


Companies that have recently licensed songs by Scamber

Companies that have recently licensed songs by Scamber

Copyright ScamblerMusic. All Rights Reserved. Original independent music from Scambler, available under licence for film, TV, radio, advertising and the games industry.